Twisted iPod speakers as feeble as they look

Greenhouse adds yet more junk to the iPod after-market

Unless you’re 12 years old or don’t give a hoot about how your tunes sound, there can’t be much reason for wanting to hook a weedy DAP up to unpowered speakers, yet the market is somehow flooded with the blighters.

The latest Japanese add-on is, at least, slightly novel in that it’s a stereo speaker set that clips onto the back of a full-sized iPod, hiding flush against its silvery rear when not in use.

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Greenhouse’s ¥4,480 (£21.75) GH-SPA214CC jacks into the headphone socket and comes to life when rotated up though 90 degrees to place one tiny speaker on each side of the iPod’s screen.

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There’s a fold-out stand in the rear and a built-in 8-hour battery that charges via USB when the iPod is plugged into a computer. It probably won’t be sold outside Japan and, with an output of 770mW per channel, who – quite frankly – cares?