AT&T slated to start Samsung Galaxy Gear pre-orders at midnight

Because you've been aching to order one

Galaxy Gear

Love or hate the idea of a smartwatch, AT&T will start accepting advance orders for Samsung's latest gadget this week, even as it remains coy on exactly when it will actually slip onto buyers' wrists.

The official AT&T Twitter account announced today that the carrier will begin taking online pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Gear on Sept. 17 at 12:01 a.m. ET.

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Galaxy Note 3, the phablet is expected to ship "around" Oct. 1.


Verizon offers the Galaxy Gear in a choice of Jet Black, Wild Orange or Mocha Gray colors, but there's currently no way to purchase the device unbundled from Samsung's latest mammoth phablet.

T-Mobile will sell both devices separately beginning Oct. 2, while Sprint remains cloaked in mystery with a pre-registration website for the Galaxy Note 3 at the same time as its community forum administrators seemingly deflect interest in the smart watch.

"Thanks for reaching out to us. Unfortunately we have no information on the Samsung Gear Watch," read a post from Sept. 12 by Toya with Sprint Social Care.