Verizon tackling Samsung Galaxy Camera with 4G LTE Dec. 13

High-speed connectivity making camera debut

Galaxy Camera

Samsung tried to pull a fast one on us by taking down a post for its Galaxy Camera with Verizon 4G LTE last week, but the folks at Big Red decided to lift the lid Tuesday on its plans to bring the snapper to life on its network.

Starting Dec. 13, the Android 4.1 device jumps on Verizon's online store, bringing all the apps and 4.8-inch Super HD Clear LCD touchscreen goodness with it.

Dubbing it the world's first 4G LTE camera, Samsung's Galaxy picture taker will utilize Verizon's ultra-fast network capabilities, the carrier said.

Upfront, the device will cost $549.99. It comes in two pigment choices - White and the Verizon-exclusive Cobalt Black. For a limited time, users can add the camera to their Share Everything account for $5 per month.

AT&T, too

No matter what network you choose (or is already chosen), it's a mighty fine device.

Equipped with a 16MP lens and 21x optical zoom lens, taking high-quality photos won't be an issue.