Nokia's Lumia 900 shortage unrelated to data connectivity issues

The Windows Phone is back in stock at AT&T

Lumia 900 shortage unrelated to data connectivity issues

The Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone is back in stock on AT&T's website, and supplies are trickling to retail locations as well after the Lumia 900 suffered from shortages over the past several days.

The Windows 8 Phone, which has topped Amazon's sales charts

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Dropped data connections caused by an issue with the Nokia Lumia 900's memory management popped up last week, and Nokia was quick to respond. A software update that alleviates the issue was promptly made available.

"The majority of people are updating via the software," she said, "so I would say the fact that the stores are still in sell out situations is not related for the most part to the software issue."

Nokia's fixing the problem's root

Contrary to rumors, the Lumia 900 was not recalled in order to update them to the newer software version, Lachtanski said. However, the latest batch of phones does come with the new update.

Lachtanski was unable to comment on whether the stock shortage or data connection issues have affected early sales of the Lumia 900, but given the positive response so far to the phone, they likely have little to worry about moving forward.