World's best phone isn't the One to boost HTC

The omen of the HTC First

HTC One reports big drop in profits

HTC has just announced its results for the second quarter of 2013, and while you'd think the best phone in the world - the HTC One - would predict good things the numbers aren't healthy.

In fact, the digits show that HTC's profits are down by a hefty 83 per cent from those in the same quarter last year.

It brought in NT$1.25 billion (about $41.63m/£27.7m/AU$45.4m) compared to NT$91.04 billion (about $3bn/£2bn/AU$3.3bn) a year before. Not great, then.

While it's still better news than last quarter, it shows that the HTC One, which reportedly sold 5 million units in its first 50 days, wasn't quite the saviour that the company and investors had banked on.

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HTC Slump

No doubt the Samsung Galaxy S4 has cast a significant shadow over HTC in the last few months, and the fact we're awaiting the arrival of the iPhone 5S won't be helping things either.

Of course, the company is also still feeling the kick of the HTC First, for which sales have reported to be pretty disastrous. In fact, the handset may never reach UK shores now.

We're currently anticipating the arrival of the HTC One Mini - could this help turn the company's fortunes around?

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