T-Mobile USA cuts 1,900 jobs

Network reeling from AT&T merger collapse

T Mobile USA cuts 1 900 jobs

T-Mobile USA is shedding 1,900 jobs and closing seven of its call centres across the country.

The network continues to struggle as the only one of the big four not to offer the Apple iPhone, and is unable to stem the flow of customers abandoning it for those that do (3.1 per cent left in the last quarter alone).

It is also reeling from the collapse of its planned $39 billion merger

"The customer base is less and the call volume is lower," said T-Mobile spokeswoman Cara Walker. "This is an effort to optimize our operations."

4G LTE saviour?

T-Mobile says the job cuts will help to fund its planned 4G LTE network.

Whether it'll have any customers left by the time it is completed is a different matter altogether.

Via: Wall Street Journal