Sprint officially joins the other upgrade plans by announcing today that its annual program "One Up" is now available for new and old customers.

One Up starts at $65, and offers customers a monthly installment plan to upgrade their smartphone every 12 months on top of unlimited talk, text and high speed data.

You can also get an introductory $15 discount on its Unlimited, My Way, and All-In plans, one of which must be selected for One Up.

The price point is a bit higher than previously reported, though Sprint notes that customers will see a savings of $45 a month on One Up "compared to similar plans from AT&T and Verizon."

The plan also strategically launches the same day as the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, just in time for those eager Apple fanatics to trade-in.

A brief how-to

To take part of the upgrade, you need to buy an eligible smartphone or tablet and agree to 24 monthly installments - no down payment is needed on certain phones, and there aren't any finance fees.

After 12 months of consecutive payments, you can then upgrade your device to a new phone or tablet.