SonyEricsson eyes better designed mobile apps

New tech will combine elements of Adobe Flash Lite and Java ME

SonyEricsson has announced a new platform for developers to make rich media apps for its phones. The technology is designed to bridge the divide between the mobile versions of Java and Flash.

Dubbed Project Capuchin, SonyEricsson says the tech will provide "fast and clean user interface development for both graphical designers and code developers".

The upshot is that the development will enable better-looking applications to use elements of Flash "without sacrificing" the strengths of the commonly-used Java, supported natively by many phones.

"The new technology and tools make it possible to combine the richness of Flash Lite and Java ME technologies allowing developers to utilize the best attributes of both software stacks to create content-rich mobile applications," said the company in a statement. It will make the technology available later this year.

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