The OnePlus One has caused quite a stir since its announcement, but worries about actually being able to get hold of one have been put to bed.

Writing on its forum, OnePlus has clarified its plans for the rollout of its first smartphone - the incredibly high spec, yet low cost One.

OnePlus says it has "been frantically adjusting [its] production schedule" after "we realized that far more people wanted the One than what we originally anticipated."

That means if you've bagged yourself an invite to buy early you'll still have to wait longer for the 64GB model, as OnePlus says it was also surprised by the popularity of the larger option.

The plan
Ready now
- 100 for phone smashers
Mid-late May - Large batch of 16GB Silk White for first batch of invites
Early June - Large batch of 64GB Sandstone Black
Later in June - Increased general availability, people who want it should be able to get an invite without much trouble

It's interesting that OnePlus will still require people to gain an invite when it reaches general availability, suggesting it may not make its way into stores and rather be an online-only product.

Via DroidLife