Update: Ralph de la Vega, CEO of AT&T Mobility has noted that the Amazon Fire Phone will be exclusive to US carrier, AT&T.

Pre-orders for the phone start today. You can choose a two-year contract or AT&T Next for zero down with no activations.

The 32GB flavor is $199.99 on a two-year contract. The Next plan is $27 per month.

The Amazon Fire Phone will start shipping July 25 with 12 months of Amazon Prime included for new customers, and tacked on to existing Prime memberships.

Original story ...

The day has finally arrived: the Amazon phone is official.

Perhaps the worst-kept smartphone secret in the world, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced the device during an event in Seattle. He preluded the announcement by saying he's always asked if Amazon would build a phone. Today, the he answered that question.

As expected, it comes with four front-facing infrared cameras support this feature, bringing the phone's total up to six snappers.

It features a 4.7-inch IPS LCD HD display, and it's a size that's optimized for one-handed use, Bezos said. Gorilla Glass has been slathered on both sides - as in the front and the back, with a rubber frame.

A quad-core 2.2GHz processor fuels the Fire Phone, and graphics rely on an Adreno 330. It is full of 2GB of RAM.

The screen displays at 590 nits of brightness, and has a circular polarizer so you can look at it outside with sunglasses from any angle.

On the rear is an as-expected 13MP snapper with OIS and an f/2.0 lens, the widest aperture of any smartphone on the market. The Fire Phone even features a dedicated hardware camera button.

Curious about sound? Well there are dual-stereo speakers with Dolby Digital plus surround sound.

Accessories and oodles of features

Magnetic headphones that are supposed to be tangle-free, thanks to the flat cables, will come packaged with the Amazon Fire Phone.

With such a highly touted camera and photo functions, Amazon is also throwing in free unlimited photo storage on Amazon Cloud Drive.

Various apps will be on board the Fire Phone, including Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu Plus and ESPN.

The phone will also have second screen and X-Ray abilities where you can "fling" video from your phone to your Amazon TV while X-Ray gives you details on the video you're watching.

The familiar MayDay feature will also of course be on the phone - and will work over Wi-Fi or on 3G and 4G.

Firefly: the ultimate shopping tool

The new app Firefly uses the Fire Phone's built-in camera to recognize over 100 million different objects. These include a wide variety of items including, DVDs, phone numbers, QR codes, CDs, URLs, games and bar codes.

Once that the app recognizes an object, users will be able to purchase it on Amazon right from their device.

'Dynamic perspective'

Not entirely 3D and not parallax - what exactly is on the Fire Phone's interface?

Well dynamic perspective is a bit in between 3D and parallax; it basically adjusts a 3D image to match your gaze.

Lockscreens and wallpapers will definitely have the effect but Bezos also showed off the phone rendering buildings on maps with dynamic perspective.

It's not "pop out at you parrallax" 3D, it's more like, well, "dynamic perspective." It's sort of 3D, but it's sort of just giving you a clearer view as you move your head.

The building - the Empire State, to be exact - looked like it was coming out of the Amazon phone's screen, and moved as the user moved. You can tilt the phone to see what's "tucked" underneath the edges of the screen.

You can also tilt the phone to see various items you're shopping for, to achieve the effect.