iPhone 4 price: tariffs for UK buyers

Best iPhone 4 deals from Orange, 3, Vodafone, O2, Tesco and now T-Mobile

iPhone 4 tariffs for UK buyers

In our continuing quest to detail all the UK iPhone 4 tariffs, we've now updated this piece with details of T-Mobile's newly-released iPhone 4 UK price information.

Orange was first to reveal its full pricing officially, followed by O2, then Vodafone before Tesco Mobile and, finally, today's T-Mob announcement.


Last week O2 released tariffs for what it loosely terms 'smartphones', including pay as you go and monthly contracts. It has now updated us with details of prices you pay for the iPhone 4.

O2 has scrapped unlimited mobile internet use across all of its phones, with a 500MB amount for tariffs below £35. All O2 tariffs for iPhone include Visual Voicemail and up to 1GB of UK data though from October you can buy upgrade packs - 500MB additional for £5 or an extra 1GB for £10.

The iPhone 4 16GB first then. The 100 tariff brings unlimited texts, 500MB data limit, for £25 per month for a 24 month contract or £30 per month for 18 months. The iPhone 4 16GB costs £279 on 24 month deals and £209 on 18 month deals here.

Then there are the 300, 600, 900 and 1200 minute tariffs, with 24/18 month prices at £30/35. £35/£40. £40/£45 and £45/50. The iPhone 4 16GB costs £179, £119, £89 and £29 on these tariffs respectively.

The top level 'unlimited' package brings unlimited voice and texts, unlimited WiFi internet and starts at £45 per month or £50 for 30 day rolling if you pay full price for the handset. The iPhone 4 16GB is free on this tariff, with the 32GB costing £29.

If you want the 32GB iPhone 4 on anything less than unlimited, it starts to seriously cost. £129 on 1200, £179 on 900, £209 on 600,£279 on 300 and £299 and £323 on 100 depending on the duration of the tariff you go for.

You pay 20p per MMS on all tariffs.

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O2 iphone 4 tariffs

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Orange on contract

The iPhone 4 16GB costs £169 on a £30 a 24 month tariff, £119 on a £35 per month, £89 on £40, £29 on £45 and free on the £75 tariff. Not quite as much as we were expecting, but still pretty pricey. Orange also isn't offering any deals for existing customers to break contracts early, unlike O2.

The iPhone 4 32GB costs £100 more than those prices for the £30, £35 and £40 24 month tariffs, £139 on the £45 iPhone price plan and £29 on the £75 a month contract.

Minutes for all those are 150 on the £30, rising to 600 on the £35, 900 on the £40, 1200 on the £45 and unlimited on the £75. Texts are unlimited except that there's only 250 on the £30 tariff.

Orange also offers 18 month tariffs. With that duration, the iPhone 4 16GB costs £229 on a £35 per month tariff (there's no £30 a month), £169 on £40, £129 on £45 and £99 on the £75 tariff.

The iPhone 4 32GB costs £319 on a £35 18 month tariff (no £30 a month again), £269 on £40, £219 on £45 and £139 on the £75 tariff.

Minutes on the 18 month tariffs mirror the equivalent 24 month ones. Data is unlimited, though there's a 750MB fair use amount cited - still, this is more appealing than the limits that will be in place from O2 and Vodafone.

Tethering bundles start at £5 a month, but there's 3GB of tethering included on the £75 tariff.

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Orange iphone 4 tariffs

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Orange on PAYG

Orange is also offering iPhone 4 on pay as you go. The prices are simple - £480 for the iPhone 4 16GB and £570 for the iPhone 4 32GB. You can put it on one of Orange's 'animal' tariffs, offering various different benefits. 250MB of mobile internet browsing is included for the first 12 months only.

This is cheaper than the below SIM-free prices direct from Apple, though the handset will presumably be locked to Orange.

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Orange iphone 4 payg tariffs

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Tesco Mobile on contract

On contract, you have three options:

£20 a month for a 12-month contract, which includes 250 minutes of talk time, unlimited texts and 1GB a month of data. The up-front payment for the 16GB iPhone 4 is £349, while the 32GB iPhone 4 will set you back £429.

£35 a month for a 12-month contract with 750 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data a month. The handset costs are £229 for the 16GB iPhone 4 and £299 for the 32GB iPhone 4.

£45 a month for a 24-month contract, with unlimited minutes and texts and 1GB of data per month. The 16GB iPhone 4 on this tariff is £19, while the 32GB iPhone 4 is £99.

Tesco Mobile on PAYG

On pay as you go, the 16GB iPhone 4 is priced at £479, and the 32GB iPhone 4 at £569.

Three on contract

Oddly all the Three deals are only available with 24 month terms, but at least they're cheap:

If you're after an iPhone 4 16GB, it will cost £99 for a £30 a month deal, with 500 minutes. The £35 a month deal is identical, except you get 400 minutes more per month, taking it up to 900.

There's an alternative £35 a month deal, where the phone costs 3169, but you get 2000 minutes.

£59 will snag you an iPhone 4 16GB on a £40 deal, with 2000 minutes again, and the £45 a month deal offers a free iPhone 4 16GB and 2000 minutes per month.

If you're hankering for an iPhone 4 32GB version, things obviously get a little pricier. For instance, if you want a £30 a month deal, the phone will cost £189 for 500 minutes.

The two £35 a month deals offer 900 and 2000 minutes, with the phone costing £189 and £259 respectively, with the £40 a month deal packing the phone for £149 and 2000 minutes.

Finally, the £45 a month deal sees an £89 iPhone 4 32GB, with 2000 minutes offered as well as all the data and text gubbins.


Finally, T-Mobile has also revealed its iPhone 4 pricing. However, things aren't exactly cheap compared to the other networks.

Let's do the iPhone 4 16GB first. £25 a month gets you 100 mins, 100 texts and 500MB data with the iPhone costing £259, and £30 nabbing a £219 iPhone 4, 300 mins, 300 texts and 500MB.

For £35 and £40 deals, you get 500MB still, £189 and £129 for the iPhone 4 respectively, and 900/1200 mins with 500 texts.

And finally, you can pay £45 a month, with the iPhone 4 £59 and 1200 mins, 500 text and 750MB of data coming your way, or £60 to get a free iPhone 4 with unlimited (well, 3,000) minutes and 500 text and 1GB of internet.

For the iPhone 4 32GB version the monthly cost to minutes/text/data allowance is the same, with the phone costing the following:

For £25 a month it costs £349, £30 and the iPhone costs £299, and for £35 a month you'll be paying £269.

£40 a month comes in at £229, £45 a month £159, and if you're desperate to pay £60 a month you still need to shell out £99 for the iPhone 4 32GB.

On Pay As You Go, the iPhone 4 16GB costs 16GB through T-Mobile.

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O2 iphone 4 tariffs

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Vodafone's contract tariffs leaked on Monday but we've had official confirmation today.

The iPhone 4 16GB on 24 month tariffs first. It's available for £219 on a £25 per month tariff, £169 on £30, £119 on £35, £89 on £40, £29 on an £45-a-month and free if you spend £60 a month.

Voice minutes are 75, 300, 600, 900, 1200 and 3000 respectively.

The iPhone 4 32GB is £309 on a £25 per month tariff, £269 on £30, £219 on £35, £189 on £40, £139 on an £45-a-month and £59 if you spend £60 a month.

Exactly the same handset prices apply on the 18 a month tariffs, but you pay £5 extra each month - that's £90 extra over the 1.5 years.

Tethering is extra - £5 for 500MB, £10 for 1.5GB or £15 for 3GB (inc VAT).

The 32GB variant shoots up the cost to £280, again on the year and a half or two year deals.The prices announced mirrored the 3GS tariffs as last year.

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Direct from Apple - iPhone 4 pre-order

Apple's without contract iPhone 4 price is £499 while the 32GB version is £599.

Apple is also rather hopefully placing the 8GB 3GS next to its new range of handsets – but given that still costs £419, we can't see many that won't want to fork out another £80 for what looks to be a much better phone.

Apple is offering the chance to pre-order the new handset or reserve one to pick up in store.

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