How to take better holiday snaps

Pack your Note II for stunning memories of your trip

How to take better holiday snaps with your GALAXY Note II

When you finally get a chance to take off on your hols, the last thing you want is to be contactable 24/7. That said, it is certainly a smart move to pack your GALAXY Note II in your man-bag, as the remarkable eight megapixel back-illuminated sensor (BSI) camera and Samsung's fully-featured Camera app will ensure you get the best photos to remember your trip.

Just don't forget to pop your Note II on Flight Mode to avoid those bothersome work calls and emails on your break from the day-to-day grind!

The Note II's Camera app is an absolute godsend for those holidaymakers who want to shoot and edit stunning memories of their 2013 vacations. Samsung has packed loads of awesome features into this intuitive app, including auto-focus, face detection and a quick, capable digital zoom. What's more, the flash on the Note II is extremely strong, which is dead handy for shooting late into the night.

The Note II's Best Photo option is particularly useful for auto-selecting the best shot from several taken in quick bursts. And the Panorama feature really does justice when you want to snap some hugely impressive sweeping vistas on your travels.

Finally, a holiday is nothing if you can't show off your snaps immediately online, winding up mates and family stuck back at home, which is where Samsung's Buddy photo share feature, which identifies and lets you share pics quickly and easily with commonly viewed friends, always comes in useful.

Samsung's Note II Camera features, its serious image processing nous and extensive customisation settings, such as the options to change the ISO and exposure for advanced snappers, mean that you will be shooting with live Instagram-like filters, creating high dynamic range images and sweeping, impressive panoramas in almost no time at all.

In addition to Samsung's own rather splendid Camera app there are also a number of decent photography and photo-editing apps available to download on the Google Play Store for those travelers and tourists who want to experiment with different camera features and effects to tart up their holiday pics.

However, don't worry too much if, in the rush of packing, you forget to load any of the top photo apps we recommend below onto your Note II before you set off on holiday - you will still be able to take some cracking photos.

Paper Artist

Free (bundled with phone)

Photographs are great but what if you could knock up a quick sketch or painting from your pics instead of a bog-standard old holiday snap? Would-be Picassos and David Hockneys might want to go all out and use the S Pen to paint a masterpiece on their Note II with an app like Infinite Painter.

However, for most users who don't want to waste too much time on holidays crafting the perfect digital painting, Samsung's own Paper Artist app does pretty much all of the work for you, quickly, easily and with the absolute bare minimum amount of fuss and bother.

Using a clever bit of image processing code, Paper Artist will turn any photo (either from the gallery or directly from the Note II's camera) into a sketch, etching or painting. The results are effective, impressive and - as Paper Artist was designed with the Note II in mind - you can use the S Pen to draw over the top or 'scrape away' the painting to reveal the real image underneath, which creates some brilliant effects.




You can't talk about mobile digital photography without mentioning Instagram. If you have never used it before, Instagram is a camera replacement app that takes square pictures and lets you add filtering effects to make your pics look 'vintage' or otherwise enhanced.