Here's a possible peek at the Nexus 6, courtesy of the Android Twitter account

A generic dummy phone or the real deal?

Google potentially drops a Nexus 6 hint on Android twitter account

All of the recent mobile speculation has been predicated on assumed knowledge that Google is done with Nexus phones and will instead transition into the Android Silver program.

However, Google may have given those Nexus naysayers something to think about by showing a mysterious, unknown device within a promotional tweet on the official Android account.

While highlighting a grocery shopping list feature on Android, the accompanying photo shows a Nexus-styled device with a Nexus-style design and an ultra-thin bezel.

Is this device just a generic mock-up that Google has chosen to use rather than the Nexus 5? Or has the firm offered a sneak peak of a forthcoming handset release?

Ingredients for success

Whether it's the Nexus 6 or not, the post does highlight a new feature that allows Chrome to search for recipes and then add potential ingredients to a checklist.

Droid-Life points out how users can access the feature by tapping 'More' in the search results and then selecting Ingredients. That action brings up a checklist with suggested items required.

As the site notes, the feature may be old but looks to have gone relatively unnoticed until Google tweeted the picture with the mystery device.

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