100 best free iPhone apps 2015

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51. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is by far our favourite of the TV catch-up apps, largely because it tries to do what's right for the viewer, rather than the suits. You can watch live TV or check out shows that have been broadcast over the past 30 days. Archived shows can be downloaded to watch later, and there's also AirPlay support for firing footage at your Apple TV.

100 best free iPhone apps 2014

52. Netflix

Brits might rightly grumble that the Netflix selection leaves a little to be desired, but it's still a very affordable way to get a ton of TV in front of your eyes. The app works much like you'd expect: browse, watch, realise it's three in the morning - again.

100 best free iPhone apps 2014

53. Camera Awesome

Sounding a bit like a rubbish superhero, Camera Awesome is in fact a tool for powering up your device's camera. You get some useful adjustment and composition options, and a load of varied filters are available via IAP.

camera awesome

54. Amazon Mobile

A great app for anyone regularly suckered by ads but also afflicted with impatience, Amazon Mobile enables you to browse and buy from the mammoth online store with ease. You can also sneakily scan bar-codes in brick-and-mortar stores to see how much cheaper the attached goods would be online.

100 best free iPhone apps 2014

55. Amazon Cloud Player

It seems every major player in media must have a cloud music service these days, and Amazon's no exception. The Amazon Cloud Player app is smartly designed, enabling you to easily switch between content stored on your Amazon account and music stored on your device. You can also download from the former to the latter.

amazon cloud player

56. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is becoming one of those indispensable online services, storing a huge range of songs and audio clips. Although this app is suitable for browsing and playing, you can also use it to record and upload your own sounds.

100 best free iPhone apps 2014

57. Flipboard

It would be a hard ask to expect the Flipboard experience on the iPhone and iPod touch to match that of the iPad version, but it nonetheless has a good go, transforming your favourite feeds and news sources into a tiny, beautiful digital magazine.

100 best free iPhone apps 2014

58. Wunderlist

100 best free iPhone apps 2014

The App Store has so many to-do apps that it's in severe danger of tipping over, due to the sheer weight of digital checkboxes, but Wunderlist is one of the very few that really stands out. The interface is very usable, and the app's ability to seamlessly sync across devices and platforms makes it a great download.

59. Pixlr Express

Autodesk rightly describes its photo editor Pxlr as fun and powerful. It includes dozens of tools and effects, which are added and tweaked in an intuitive and often tactile manner. However, while many of the effects are the typical ones you'd expect, Pixlr's also full of crazy eye-popping filters for unleashing your creativity in a hugely entertaining manner.

100 Best Free iPhone Apps

60. AirPort Utility

Apple's increasingly freeing its iOS devices from any reliance on a Mac or PC, and this utility continues the trend. If you've some shiny white wireless kit at home with an Apple logo, use AirPort Utility to see what your network looks like, muck about with settings, and troubleshoot.

100 best free iPhone apps 2014

61. 30/30

Timers and task managers are usually designed with extreme efficiency, to the point they practically yell NO FUN ALLOWED in your face. 30/30, however, provides a streamlined, tactile interface that happens to look great, is fun to use, and that makes it a breeze to create lists and define timers. It also enables looping for anyone addicted to the Pomodoro Technique.


62. Just Eat

Lazy weekend? Just Eat is probably just the thing you're looking for. Search through over 22,500 takeaway restaurants and order straight from your phone without having to get off the sofa. You can search by postcode, filter results by cuisine, or even search using emojis if you're super lazy. All nice and straightforward, with all payment methods accepted.

Just Eat

63. Chrome

Safari's a perfectly decent web browser on the iPhone, but Chrome has its advantages. The card-like tabbing system may have been swiped by Apple, but Chrome enables you to force a desktop version of any site you're visiting to be displayed; also, if you're a Chrome desktop user, you can sync tabs with the iPhone app.

100 best free iPhone apps 2014

64. YouTube

Apple binned its own YouTube app from the iPhone, presumably because it hates Google far more than it loves online video. Google's own YouTube app works much as you'd expect, enabling you to search and watch an almost limitless number of cats playing pianos, people moaning about stuff to their web-cams, and more besides.

100 best free iPhone apps 2014

65. iPlayer Radio

BBC Radio was once shoved into a corner of the iPlayer app, despite the brilliance of 6 Music and Radio 4, but now it has its very own iPlayer Radio app within which to dance, shout and generally assault your ears. There's an EPG, an alarm option, alerts for upcoming shows, BBC podcast integration, and AirPlay.

100 best free iPhone apps 2014

66. Sums

Although we're fond of PCalc, mentioned elsewhere in this selection of apps, there's something really lovely about Sums. The visual design feels sleek and modern, with a handy tape-style path of totals displayed; even better, operations are performed via gestures. This is a bit weird at first, but it soon becomes second-nature.


67. Pinterest

Until the day we're all forced to use a single social networking app, several players continue to appeal to specific demographics. Pinterest is very much aimed at hobbyists, and it encourages you to pin inspirational images, and then explore boards from people you're interested in. The iOS app is clean and simple, ensuring the content shines through.


68. Instapaper

Instapaper was the app that kicked off the whole 'read later' thing, giving you a way to save web pages for later. It's still the best, boasting a fantastic and readable default theme — and now it's free. Perhaps more importantly, it also fully integrates with iOS 8, meaning you can now directly save to Instapaper from any browser that supports Share sheets.

100 best free iPhone apps 2014

69. Photo Editor by Aviary

Another image editor, but Photo Editor is a good 'un. The interface is clear, and it contains all the tools you'd expect: filters, enhancements, cropping, and the ability to fire that picture of your frothy coffee/amusing dog/current skyline to Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter.

Photo Editor

70. Gmail

"But Gmail works in Apple Mail," you might say. And this is true, but it works really badly, only making accessible recent messages. By contrast, the Gmail app provides a fuller experience, enabling you to search, thread, star and label items to your heart's content.

100 best free iPhone apps 2014

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71. Yahoo! Weather

With weather apps, you're frequently forced to choose between lashings of data or something that looks lovely. Yahoo! Weather combines both, offering a stunning interface that also happens to be rich with information. The maps are a touch weak, but other than that, this is an essential weather app.

Yahoo Weather

72. TodoMovies 3

TodoMovies is a to-do list for movies. You use it to browse what's on (and, if you like, what's been on — including years ago) and build a list of what you want to see. Cleverly the app also enables you to rate each movie, thereby building up a list of your favourites that you can refer to at any time.

100 best free iPhone apps 2014

73. Google Maps

When Apple removed Google's data from its Maps app, seemingly half the internet went nuts. In hindsight, the decision has been beneficial, because it resulted in Google creating its own mapping app, Google Maps. Bar some mildly irritating signing-in nonsense, this is a first-rate application - the interface is straightforward, the mapping is accurate, and it's also a means of getting Street View back on to your iPhone.

google maps

74. Cloze

These days, someone's just as likely to contact you on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn as via email. Cloze's cunning plan: provide you with a unified inbox into which all these messages are squirted. It's not a unique idea, but Cloze is unique in its execution being first-rate. Its 'Key People' feature, prioritising anyone you regularly communicate with, is particularly impressive.

100 best free iPhone apps 2014

75. Find My Friends

A.k.a 'Stalk My Contacts', but Find My Friends does have practical uses: if you're meeting a bunch of iPhone-owning friends and want to know where they're at, for example, or for when wanting to check where your spouse is on the road, to see if it's time to put the dinner in the oven/pretend to look busy when they walk through the door. (Or maybe that's just what freelance tech writers do.)

100 best free iPhone apps 2014