41. Path

Path is an alternate social network, designed to make sharing things with friends easier and more... personal. It does simple stuff like share your music listening history, then it does weird stuff like track how many hours you've slept for. It's also location aware, so if you'd like it to broadcast your every movement, that's possible. And if you can't pull yourself away from Facebook, stuff from here can be posted up there, too, although posts can also be locked so they never leave Path if you'd prefer.


42. Yelp

Yelp gives you a similar option to Google's wide range of social place reviews, only here you also get an augmented reality screen display, so you can point it at the skyline and see what five-star eating establishments are in the area. Places are backed up by user reviews, too, making it easy to get an up to date opinion on how generous a particular cafe is with the chips.


43. Chrome

Everyone's new favorite browser is now represented on Android, with Google putting a full mobile version of Chrome up on the Play Store. It's a little limited in scope for users of older devices as Android 4.0 or higher is required to run it, but if your phone ticks that box Chrome on Android offers unlimited tabs in a nice pop-up list, desktop bookmark and open tab syncing, offline saving of pages and even that occasionally very useful incognito mode for covering your weirder tracks.

Chrome beta

44. Recipe Search - by Allthecooks

Cookbooks are a thing of the past now that there are so many recipe apps available. Allthecooks has created a nice little communal index of thousands and thousands of user added recipes to try, all with great instructions and photos.

Recipe search

45. TED

The series of talks by the tech industry's most well-respected nerds, in which they try to explain high concepts in a way the likes of us can understand, is now represented on Android. The TED app lets users browse its database of more than 1,000 TED talks, all free to download and try to get through in one go without having your brain explode.


46. ISSLive

Let's be honest - ISSLive looks awful. But beneath the clumsy interface and geeky layout sit all sorts of facts and coverage from the International Space Station, with plenty of live feeds, mission, crew and experiment data and even a 3D recreation of Mission Control down there in Houston to ... look at. An oddball collection of the interesting and the mundane, like an episode of MythBusters.


47. Netflix

The Netflix app does it all, offering access to the full catalogue of digital film and TV rentals, presented in a clean and simple layout. The only fancy features are PC syncing so you can pick up where you left off on mobile if it's getting near bed time, plus Facebook sharing so everyone can keep up on how your MadMen marathon is going.


48. Wikipedia

A new way to look at the pleading face of Jimmy Wales. The official Wikipedia Android app is very nice to use, presenting a simplified version of the desktop site's content, plus an ever-useful offline saving option if you need access to pages when out of reception range. You also get location aware features, making it easy to randomly browse for interesting things in your vicinity.


49. Noom Weight Loss Coach

Exercising is difficult when you're busy, busy, busy and maybe a tad bit lazy. Noom Weight Loss Coach provides a nifty free app that helps coach you with an exercise tracker, weight loss plan and food logging so you can feel a little bit more motivated to stay healthy.


50. Fancy

Fancy is a reminiscent of Pinterest but with an emphasis on actually buying the items on your wishlists. Basically, if you want to create an actual list of goodies you want to buy a friend for his birthday, Fancy's the app for you.


51. Amazon MP3

Amazon's MP3 service is surprisingly clever. Tracks bought from the retail giant are automatically stored within the company's "cloud" servers, from where you can instantly stream them back to your Android device. Sadly, you're a little limited in the number of existing MP3s you can upload from your own collection, but for building, managing and streaming a legit Amazon music catalogue the Amazon MP3 app is a great, stylish option.

Amazon MP3

52. Amazon Appstore

There's only one reason to have the Amazon Appstore on your phone or tablet - free stuff. Amazon is enticing users to stick its alternate Android app store on their devices with the promise of a free app every day, with some classics like Sega's ChucChu Rocket and World of Goo featuring as previous daily freebies. The catch is these are unsupported releases, meaning no updates or fixes in the future, but you can't moan too much about getting some ace freebies every day.

Amazon Appstore

53. Flipboard

Flipboard is pretty much just a fancy RSS reader, which does a superb job of pulling text and images from pages, sites and social networks and presenting it in a gloriously sexy magazine-like manner. The Flipboard app has recently been updated with a full tablet interface style, for the ultimate in glossy media consumption.


54. avast! Mobile Security

Protect your Android phone with this free security from avast! anti-virus and anti-theft services. The app has a bunch of handy tools like SMS/call filtering, privacy report, apps manager and more to keep your device safe and hacker-free.

avast! Mobile Security

55. History Eraser

Have a ton of junk in your phone but you're too lazy or pressed for time to go through each item? History Eraser takes care of all your garbage needs by cleaning out your history with one tap allowing more internal storage.

History eraser

56. BaconReader for Reddit

Love Reddit? Then you'll enjoy this app. BaconReader was created for seasoned Redditors and newbies with simplicity and instant access in mind.


57. Go SMS Pro

Bored of your stock text messaging system? Try the free Go SMS Pro messaging app for personalized themes, over 800 emoticons and auto reply.

Go SMS Pro

58. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a fun online discovery tool made into a equally fun app. Browse and share the weird and cool mysteries of the internet all tailored to your interests. Trust us, you'll spend hours gawking at photos, watching vids and reading articles about everything.


59. Dictionary.com

Stuck on a word? This handy app is incredibly useful and surprisingly thorough and fast. Peruse the whole dictionary and even the thesaurus, plus listen to audio pronunciations for when you come across words like "floccinaucinihilipilification." (Don't know what that word means? Download the app and look it up! No cheating and using your computer though).


60. Snapseed

Instagram is fun and all that but doesn't provide very many photo-editing options beyond the 20 or so filters. Snapseed provides an amazingly large selection of editing tools and directions made easy with the user friendly interface.