10 best smartphones in the US

The best phones compared: which one is right for you?

best smartphones in the US

5. iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus is the only phablet-sized smartphone that runs iOS 8, so if you're tied into apps like iMessages and iCloud, this is your best and only bet for going big with Apple.

Its 5.5-inch Full HD display makes it almost as multimedia-friendly as the iPad mini 3. All of a sudden, there's even less reason to check out that tablet with its monir specs bump.

Simply put, it has the best specs within the iPhone lineup: a killer camera with optical image stabilization, a crisp 1080p screen and a much bigger battery.

All of this means that it's a tad expensive and harder to hold than the simultaneously launched iPhone 6 that we like slightly better.

It may be a little too wide (but not too pricey) for what Apple fans are used to when the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is cheaper and just as powerful.

Quick verdict

While the ergonomics of this phone aren't brilliant, there's another reason it's below the LG G3 and others: the price. It's very, very expensive and you'll have to really be up for a phone of this calibre, and really want the extra space to merit a purchase.

Of course, if you're an Apple fan and want a bigger iPhone, then you should shut your laptop or throw down your tablet immediately and run down to buy one of these (providing you can afford it, of course). It's a great phone made larger, and improved along the way too.