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Apple's new VP of Technology has a history of blowing up iPhones

Blip Keviiiiiiin!

Apple's new VP of Technology has a history of blowing up iPhones
It's only an iPhone, let's chuck it in a blender

Apple has hired a new VP of technology by the name of Kevin Lynch.

In 2009, Kevin Lynch was CTO at Adobe where he was clearly not impressed with Apple's anti-Flash stance. He and his pal put together this MythBusters-style video wherein they try a variety of HILARIOUS ways to get Flash onto the iPhone.

Suffice to say we thought this would make us feel the same way we feel when a posh person says 'dude', but it's actually reasonably entertaining. Wonder if Lynch showed it in his job interview?

Enjoy the shenanigans below. Props to Daring Fireball for spotting it.

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