Sony offers surround sound from TV stand

RHT-G Series integrates home cinema audio into the furniture

Sony s new RHT G series

For those who want surround sound in their homes but don't want a mountain of speakers cluttering up the room, Sony believes it has come up with the perfect solution: speakers in your TV stand.

The RHT-G Series offers multi-channel surround audio without visible speakers or cabling.

The stand comes in two sizes, too, so if your TV is of a modest size (between 32-inch and 46-inch) then it should be catered for.

Stand that delivers

While this way of bringing concealed surround sound to the home is not new – Sony has brought out similar products before and Yamaha also has something on the market – Sony is hoping the new features the RHT-G Series house will entice Joe Public.

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The stands come with 12 selectable sound modes ranging from Movie, Sport and News to Rock, Jazz and Classic. Also included is S-Master digital amplification and signal processing, which makes the audio as accurate as it can be.

The use of Bravia Sync technology means that if you have a Bravia TV, then the system can be controlled through one remote

RHT-950 (for 40 to 46-inch sets) will be available in stores in May, and the RHT-550 (for 32 to 40-inch sets) in July. Pricing is yet to be confirmed.