Microsoft moved 750K Xbox 360 consoles during Black Friday week

Xbox 360 almost doubles Wii U launch sales

Still selling strong after seven years

Microsoft announced that it sold 750,000 Xbox 360 systems in the week leading up to, and including, Black Friday.

The company's retail reporting calendar notes that the sales came in between Sunday, Nov. 18 and Friday, Nov. 23, so that 750,000 figure does not include the weekend following Black Friday or any Cyber Monday sales.

For context, Xbox 360 sales during that one week were triple the system's sales during the entire month of October.

However, as a more sobering comparison, last year's Black Friday week accounted for 960,000 Xbox 360 units sold.

Bundles and Black Friday deals

Xbox 360 sales were led by three holiday system bundles, offering the system along with additional games and a Kinect sensor at a discounted price.

Amazon offered its own Xbox 360 bundle as a Black Friday lightning deal, which included a Kinect sensor, two retail games, five Xbox Live Arcade downloads, $10 in Amazon Instant Video credit and the equivalent of $6 toward Xbox Live purchases.

The deal quickly sold out.

Microsoft also noted that Xbox Live gold subscription card sales rose by 50 percent over the week of Black Friday last year.

In terms of game sales, Microsoft made special mention of Halo 4 for "exceeding expectations" during Black Friday week. However, the claim holds little meaning since Microsoft did not also disclose what those actual sales numbers were, nor the number it expected to reach.

The Wii U effect

Nintendo announced Monday that during the same week, the Wii U sold 400,000 units.

Black Friday week also happened to mark the Wii U's launch in the U.S., with shortages nationwide as the system sold out at most retailers.

Insufficient Wii U supply may have had an impact on the high Xbox 360 sales, as shoppers turn to the game console that is actually in stock when they can't find Wii U on store shelves.

Microsoft is planning its own successor to Xbox 360, rumored to release next year as both an Xbox TV set-top box and as a full game console referred to in rumors as the Xbox 720.

In the meantime though, shoppers still seem pretty happy with the current hardware, or at least they do when it is on sale for the holidays.