Kinect costs same as Xbox 360 console

This mo-cap business is expensive

Kinect worth the price

Microsoft has officially announced the price of Kinect – its motion-controlling games system – revealing that it will cost the same as an Xbox 360 console.

Although no UK pricing has been revealed, it has been confirmed that Kinect will retail for $149.99 in the US.

This is the same price the Xbox 360 Arcade Spring 2010 Bundle is currently selling for online.

Get yourself Kinect-ed

Kinect was unveiled at this year's E3 expo and lets you use body movements instead of a controller to play games.

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There have so far been 15 titles confirmed for the device, including Star Wars (virtual lightsabers all round) and Kinect Adventure Sports, which is a bit like Wii Sports but without the need to wave around a controller.

For your (almost) $150 you will get the following: Kinect sensor for Xbox 360, Power supply cable, User's manual, Wi-Fi extension cable.

So there won't actually be a game bundled in with the price.

Sony announced that its foray into motion controllers, Move, will cost £50 and you get three games for the price.

Microsoft Kinect has a UK release date of 4 November.

Via VG247