Pinnacle's tiny USB Freeview tuners

Record programmes in DivX from as little as £30

Pinnacle has announced three new Freeview TV tuners for the PC - and the sticks are tiny! At the high end, the Pinnacle PCTVT DVB-T Stick Ultimate brings "improved quality" reception using a brand new chipset. They can also stream live TV up to three other PCs on a home network with the included DistanTV software. The £50 pack also includes a mini remote control.

Further down the range, the Pinnacle PCTV DVB-T Stick is available for £40 without the streaming or video editing features. Finally, the PCTV DVB-T Stick Solo removes the ability to record in DivX and costs £30.

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Pinnacle says its new tuners are designed to be easy to set up. Using the top two models programmes can be recorded to the computer's hard drive in both MPEG-1/-2 and DivX formats or directly to DVDs that can be played on a regular DVD player.