Everyone knows computer storage is increasing in capacity and falling in price, but the latest solution from Buffalo for holding data is borderline overkill.

The 6TB TeraStation Pro TS-H6.0TGL/R5 box costs ¥211,000 (£1,220) in Japan and is technically a NAS (network-attached storage) device rather than a PC peripheral, but just think what you could do with all that space.

MP3s galore

We reckon that's enough for full-size copies of 240 single-layer Blu-ray disks, 8,571 CD-sized movies of the type commonly 'distributed' online or 1.5 million typical MP3 tracks.

Of course, no self-respecting network admin would hear of any such things (cough) but it's enlightening to think what's affordable these days. Should £1k+ prove too much, there's also a 1.5TB version for around a quarter the price.