Build the ultimate Wi-Fi boosting cantenna

All you need is one large can of spuds, plus some other stuff

6. For your adaptor to work with this it needs a SMA reverse polarity screw connection, which looks like this.

Step 7

7. We need to make a custom SMA to N Plug cable. Expose 1cm of cable and 3mm of the core, tin this and solder it to the contact. Slide this into the shell, fold up the ground wire and crimp the sheath in place.

Step 8a

Step 8b

8. At the other end fix the N Plug. Instructions can be found here.

Step 9

9. We're now ready to go, hook up the cantenna to your router or PC.

10. In testing the basic antenna hit high 60 percent scores, and adding the bumpy cantenna boosted scores to the low 80s, but lined with foil to emulate a smooth can it hit 90 percent power.


First published in PC Format Issue 238

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