Turn your PC into a magic sharing machine

Sponsored: Share your stuff, get important files and escape volcanoes

LogMeIn makes it easy to remotely access any of your computers from any device

Imagine the scene. You're a super-spy, you've sneaked into the villain's secret volcano, and you've just remembered that the essential codes you need to deactivate the bomb are on the laptop.

Unfortunately that laptop is currently sitting hundreds of miles way in M's office. "Aaagh!" you shout, shaking your fist. "If only I'd installed LogMeIn Free!"

LogMeIn Free isn't just for absent-minded spies inside hollowed-out volcanoes. It's an award-winning, must-have app for all kinds of people: road warriors and sofa surfers, trainers, support techs and creatives and anybody else who does interesting and important things on computers.

If it matters, LogMeIn can bring it to you instantly.

LogMeIn Free offers two things: remote access, and file sharing. It delivers your desktop and files to your iPhone or iPad, to Windows PCs or Macs, to iOS and to Android, no matter where in the world you happen to be.

All you need to do is install LogMeIn Free on your computer and you, your friends or your colleagues can access your stuff from anywhere there's an internet connection.

We're particularly fond of the smartphone and tablet versions: after years of hurting our shoulders by lugging heavy laptops everywhere, it's a joy to be able to leave the big heavy stuff at home while still being able to access all our stuff - including our heavy-duty applications and external drives.

You can use LogMeIn Free to control a monster PC from a MacBook Air, to control a tower from a tablet or to access an ultrabook from an iPod touch.


Once you've tried LogMeIn, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. We've used it for all kinds of things: monitoring the progress of huge downloads from the comfort of the sofa, digging out precious photos from our image libraries on our tablets, and searching our computers for important work documents when we've been out and about.

Other people use it to remotely edit presentations, to email crucial files to clients, to sort out spreadsheets or to solve their colleagues' technical problems.

You can use it to start shared desktop sessions for training or tech support, and if desktop access isn't needed you can configure LogMeIn as a file server to keep your stuff available to any device. Installation is fast, setup is simple and the app itself couldn't be easier to use.

LogMeIn connections are instant and nippy - on a typical broadband connection performance is silky smooth and lag-free - but that doesn't mean that LogMeIn Free skimps on security.


You can limit access to just you, you can share your desktop with trusted friends or colleagues, or you can set up file sharing so that others can access selected files and nothing else. 256-bit SSL encryption - the same encryption used by online banks - keeps your connection secure and safe from prying eyes, strong password protection and access codes ensure that nobody gets onto your computer without your permission, and LogMeIn's IP filtering, user access control and attack blockers keep your computer locked up like Fort Knox.

Whether you're on the sofa, on the train or in the air, if you can get an internet connection you can use LogMeIn to access your PC or Mac - and you can install it on as many devices as you like, controlling a single PC from all kinds of devices, using one device to control stacks of PCs or Macs, or by using multiple devices to control multiple machines.

You can even use it from within a hollowed-out volcano. Just make sure you get the villain's Wi-Fi password first.

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