Get organised with Canon's Project1709 image management platform

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The holiday season is a time of smiles and glee, with parties, decorations, family gatherings - and let's not forget the opening of presents. There are so many photo opportunities that your memory card could soon be jam-packed. You'll be downloading shots constantly, and it could become a chore to keep your pictures organised.

That's where Canon's Project1709 comes into its own. It's a completely free, cloud-based image storage platform that's easy to use. Project1709 will also help you organise and manage all the images you capture this Christmas. Better still, to promote the service Canon is holding a draw to win a Canon EOS 1100D – a superb SLR worth over £250.

Just click here to enter the draw. When you enter, you can also opt in and register for Project1709.

Get started with Project1709

Project1709 is in beta testing at the moment and it's free to use. The technology makes light work of uploading, organising and sharing images, whatever camera and file formats you use. That leaves you to concentrate on taking more great pictures. All you have to do to get started is click here to enter our draw to win the camera, and opt into the service.

Our video shows you how easy it is to use Project1709:

YouTube :

Automatic uploads and instant access to your photo collection

Once you're signed into Project1709 you can install the free uploader software that enables you to specify a folder for it to watch. Any images that you add to this folder will be automatically uploaded to your Project1709 account.

If you prefer, you can just as easily upload individual images by dragging them onto the selective upload screen or locating them in a browser. You can even upload images directly from Facebook and Flickr if you want. Images are uploaded quickly and at full-resolution, so they look great and they're displayed with comprehensive EXIF data whether they were captured as raw or JPEG files, so you'll always know what camera settings you used.

Furthermore, once you've logged into your account you can download your images at full or screen resolution to any computer, wherever you are. That means there's no need to carry a hard drive or card because you'll always be able to access and download your images.

Easy organisation and sharing

Helpfully, Project1709 automatically organises images by the date they were taken, but you can also sort them quickly into albums with just a few clicks. Adding tags to help gather a group of topical images is just as easy and takes a matter of moments.

Once your images are organised into albums you can find them just by clicking on My photos, followed by Albums and then selecting the album you want to view - it's intuitive. Project1709 also allows you to share your images with friends and family using Facebook and Flickr.

You just add your login details once and then it's stored so you can share photos and see friends' comments with just a couple of clicks - simple.