FlightHub's Matt Keezer looks to give new businesses momentum with $500K challenge

Sponsored: The Momentum Ventures Challenge is live!

Momentum Ventures, the Montreal, Quebec technology company responsible for FlightHub, JustFly, and six other successful online businesses, is ready to give you $500,000 to launch a new business. The Momentum Ventures Challenge has officially gone live, and the company, led by CEO Matt Keezer, is now looking for applicants ready to lead a new online business.

The impetus for this challenge has been the necessity to bring on new talent to lead exciting new businesses under the Momentum Ventures banner. With a core team that has been together for nearly a decade, this challenge serves to bring in new blood to a team that is ready to lend its expertise to visualize a new online business.

Keezer, who launched FlightHub in 2012, hopes to connect with the brightest minds in tech, saying “we want not only the best minds on our team, but also people who thrive on hustling to get things done in the online space,” adding “there is no perfect applicant for this position, we need someone who also knows their limitations, and can support those by building an outstanding team around themselves.”

Interested applicants can check out Momentum Ventures’ past companies like FlightHub and JustFly as well as view and complete the challenge by visiting Momentum Ventures’s website today.