Collaborate better with Windows Phone 8

Sponsored: Seamless integration with Microsoft Office makes Windows Phone 8 the right choice for your business

Updated wherever you go

To realise the benefits that mobile working can offer, your device needs to be optimised for collaboration. Familiar software is a must, and that's why seamless integration with Microsoft Office makes Windows Phone 8 devices the perfect choice for your business.

Running multiple operating systems, handsets and support options is expensive and inefficient. But as an increasing number of businesses work on the move, you now need more than just email to communicate.

With Windows Phone 8, you will have the most up to date information, wherever you go. Field staff can access documents and information when out of the office, ensuring the right information is available whenever and wherever they need it. By using Microsoft SkyDrive technology, a cloud-based storage repository, sales teams can update projects, sales proposals or documents quickly and easily when they are out on the road.

Time and service

Adopting Windows Phone 8 means less time is wasted and customer service is improved, leading to increased productivity across the board. Several members of a team can work on a proposal while in the office, and a field sales executive on his way to a new customer can easily open the document on his smartphone to check it before his meeting.

Sales teams can also access the information the customer needs, even at the same time as attending a meeting, enhancing your company's credibility, and potentially increasing your revenues.

When The Alumasc Group plc switched from Blackberry to Windows Phone, its ability to work on the move was increased exponentially. As well as simplifying management and saving costs, the company substantially improved mobile working techniques for its team of field staff.

A publically-listed company that turns over in excess of £100m, The Alumasc Group plc is testament to the simplicity of switching. Starting with a Windows Phone 8 deployment on Nokia 620 handsets across the business, The Alumasc Group plc now has the confidence of knowing that any documents can be opened, viewed and shared by any employee, regardless of their location. At the same time, the company can still take advantage of the traditional email, voice and data benefits offered by the operating system.

'Always on' business

Collaboration brings you closer to both colleagues and customers, so your business is 'always on' whether you're in the office or on the move. With Windows Phone 8 you can stay in touch with team members using a single touch with the People Hub. On top of that, video calls and conferencing are possible with Lync and Skype, so you can talk face-to-face with customers, even if they're on the other side of the world.

If you need to convey an urgent message and you're not at your desk, use Lync Mobile to send an instant message; set your availability status to let staff know you're in a meeting; see other people's statuses; or make a quick phone call.

At the same time, training users on multiple technologies is no longer required; the familiarity of Windows means that most users are able to simply plug and play.

As communication methods continue to diversify, familiar is better; and Office integration alongside secure and reliable features makes Windows Phone the right choice for your business.