With Wi-Fi onboard and HSPA mobile data connectivity (HSDPA downloading at up to 7.2Mbps, HSUPA uploading at up to 2Mbps), the Android browsing experience works exceptionally well on this device. The Android browser is highly usable, with controls well thought out and intuitive.


Full web pages load up rapidly, with pages rendered accurately, and there's support for Flash lite. Multiple windows can be opened and switched between using the intuitive control buttons.

You can scroll around web pages, zooming in and out quickly with touch control buttons, and a press of the menu button brings up a selection of desktop style control buttons; you can go forward, reload and open bookmarks – which also presets a list of most visited sites and a history of sites visited.


There's also a useful browser zoom button that enables you to quickly get up a page overview, with the portion of the page you've zoomed into superimposed slightly enlarged on the overview, enabling you to scroll the page as if you were using a magnifying glass.

Initially, the phone is set up for the T-Mobile Web'n'Walk homepage, though there are a number of bookmarks pre-listed for popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Bebo and MySpace, and for news, information and other web services such as BBC News, Wikipedia, and Ebay.


We certainly like the Android browser, and the Pulse offers a fast, reliable and intuitive way of navigating to and around web pages.