samsung omnia 2

The Omnia is one of the best Windows Mobile phones we've seen yet. Most of the time, it's fast, responsive, and you certainly can't argue with its mile-long features list. It has all the connectivity options you could dream of, and professionals are perfectly catered for. Virtually anything you can do on your home PC can also be done on the Omnia.

We liked:

The Omnia is a great phone for messaging. We like the conversation view for text messaging, and the ability to have multiple inboxes, plus Microsoft Exchange compatibility, make it a great choice if you find yourself working as hard away from the office as you do at your desk. The dictionary works well, frequently guessing which word we'd mistyped correctly.

We also like the screen. Although it isn't quite perfect when it comes to colour accuracy, its huge diagonal makes the Omnia a great choice for those who fancy taking their media with them. The Omnia's compatibility with plenty of video codecs is another useful tick in the box.

We disliked:

It seems that for every good point of the Omnia's there's a counterbalance. For instance, while the Omnia's messaging abilities are clearly fully-fledged, there are frequent annoyances.

Typing is frustrating: leave a finger touching the screen which you tap another key and the Omnia's resistive touchscreen doesn't know what to make of it, preventing you from ever reaching truly supersonic typing speeds. Those who are able to type quickly on an iPhone won't be able to reach the same speeds on this.


The Omnia's frustrations stack up over a few days. There are occasional delays when launching applications or flipping through menus, and the accelerometer occasionally failed to detect when we were holding the phone on its side: particularly annoying when using the web browser.

The question of build quality is also worth considering. The Omnia feels a little hollow, and the plastic cover on the back feels particularly flimsy. Compared to the solidity of the iPhone or HTC Hero it arguably isn't as good - it's a shame, as the Omnia certainly looks the business.