Samsung Galaxy Fit review

What's new about this low-cost Android 2.2 smartphone?

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Contacts are brought into the Samsung Galaxy Fit's phone book from external accounts, and you can configure Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Microsoft Exchange and Google.

Samsung galaxy fit review

There are various options depending on what you're synchronising, so you can be quite picky about the level of information you choose to download.

Samsung galaxy fit review

When you've pulled contacts in they are neatly presented alongside little thumbnail images. Four tabs give you access to Info, History, Activities and Media, (although the names are a little confusing).

Info gives you some basic contact data drawn from the source, such as email addresses. History brings together text messages and any Facebook communication, but voice calls aren't integrated.

Their history is stored separately in the call log. Activities is a list of Facebook news feeds nd Media, we assume, draws down Facebook media, but it didn't want to do so on our review handset.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit makes a reasonably good job at automatically joining contacts if their names on Facebook and Twitter are the same, but if your friends use a strange Twitter handle, then there'll be some manual joining to go through.

Samsung galaxy fit review

You can also go down the old-fashioned route and add contacts manually by filling in data on the screen. There's a fair amount of flexibility with the level of information you can add about each contact. Any field with a plus sign by it can be expanded for more related fields to be filled in.

Samsung galaxy fit review

Making a call is really straightforward, and you can do it either from the contacts area or from the dialler.

No smart dialling option from the dial pad, though, is really annoying. You can set up nine speed dials, which helps a little, but really, smart dialling is a basic requirement, we think.

Samsung galaxy fit review

Call quality is fine for a handset of this price. We found the volume was loud enough for us to hear in all but the noisiest of situations. The speaker could do with being a bit louder, though.

At this price you don't get fancy features such as noise reduction, but we didn't really feel we were being undersold on voice call capability.