The Captivate Glide has a 3.7-volt 1650mAh lithium ion battery, the same capacity as the battery in the Galaxy S2. Talk and standby times are rated about the same as well, 8 and 400 hours respectively.

Samsung captivate glide

Where the Glide really shines is its balance of performance and power consumption.

The 1GHz Tegra 2 processor offers enough processing power for just about any need, yet the battery lasts over 5 hours when the CPU is at 100% load and screen brightness turned up all the way.

Battery drain

5 hours may not sound like a lot, but there are actually few phones that can last that long under those battery taxing conditions.

The Glide easily outlasts similar phones, like the LG Optimus 2X and Galaxy S II. Under moderate use, the battery will last through at least a day.

We were also pleased with the range of connectivity options the Glide has. Adding media, for example, can be done by removing the MicroSD card or connecting via the USB cable.

Transfer speeds over USB are excellent when copying to and from the internal storage.

Samsung captivate glide

The wireless options were equally pleasing. You get the usual Bluetooth v3.0 (with A2DP) that supports up to 24Mbps transfers.

There's also Wireless b/g/n, but with the added surprise of 5.0GHz WiFi compatibility. In tandem with Samsung's included AllShare app, sharing wirelessly with DLNA capable devices is fast and simple.

Samsung captivate glide

The Captivate Glide can also be used as a mobile hotspot for wireless tethering, though you'll need to purchase a tethering plan from AT&T first.

A-GPS is also included, of course, and it works well with a quick lock and high accuracy; however, we're sad to see that there are no NFC capabilities, especially since there seems like there should have been room enough to include it.