If there's one thing to be disappoints about with the Captivate Glide, it would be its video recording.

Almost every other smartphone of this level (the Galaxy S II, the iPhone 4S, even the Atrix 4G from a year ago) features 1080p recording. The Glide skirts by with 720p.

That said, the Glide does manage to hold its frame rate quite smoothly – something that many of the other phones sacrifice in order to achieve 1080p.

Overall image quality isn't amazing, generally soft and a bit muted, but certainly better than the 720p recording the original Galaxy S had.

The camera adjusts well when going from light to dark areas and visa-versa; however, low light can easily confuse the autofocus. This is exacerbated when transitioning from very bright to poorly lit areas.

Samsung captivate glide

While recording, you can make use of the digital zoom, and there is also a counter to keep track of the size of your current recording versus the total storage space remaining.

It's also possible to record with the LED flash turned on, but you have to designate this before hitting record.

The microphone is located on the rear of the phone, just above the camera lens. It picks up sound almost too well in the direction the camera is pointing, but if you plan on narrating, you'll have to speak up.

Samsung captivate glide

There are much fewer options in video mode compared to photo mode. There are only a few effects to choose from: Negative, Grayscale, and Sepia.

Then you have your usual options like Resolution, Flash, and White Balance.

Recording through the front facing camera also leaves much to be desired. Rather than utilizing anywhere near the full 1.3MP it has to offer, your limited to just 640x480.