Samsung Captivate Glide review

Is this the best physical QWERTY phone on AT&T?

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The Captivate Glide features an 8MP rear-facing camera with an LED flash, something typical of a high-end smartphone.

In fact, the Galaxy S2 features what may even be the exact same camera module.

Image quality is decent, far better than the original Captivate and on par with phones like the HTC Amaze 4G; however, like most smartphones, photos can get a bit noisy in medium to low light situations.

Samsung captivate glide

What makes the Glide (and other recent Samsung phones, like the S2 and Infuse 4G) stand out against other devices is the multitude of shooting options.

Samsung cativate glide

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Instead of just a few options; such as Macro, Landscape, Incandescent, and Low Light; the Glide has a long list of scene modes for things like sunsets, beaches, candlelight, and even fall colors.

Unfortunately, the scene modes don't always make much of a difference, and sometimes even make the shot come out worse.

Samsung captivate glide

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Then there is the panoramic mode. Enabling panoramic mode turns down the resolution to 640x480 and then proceeds to stitch together a string of shots.

Panoramic photos

The problem is that it's a string of 640x480 shots and the results are useless for anything other than a web thumbnail perhaps. Considering the results, we're baffled why Samsung even bothered including it at all.

One of the more useful features the camera offers is the ability to tap on the screen to select a focus point. Additionally, it will let you know whether or not it was able to focus – this is especially useful in macro mode.

Other features include a digital zoom, "Action shot," and a customizable bar of four different setting shortcuts.

Samsung captivate glide

The camera app opens rather quickly and can be ready to start taking shots almost immediately. In the right conditions, you can go from tapping the camera app icon to taking a photo in about 3 seconds thanks to a quick autofocus and app startup.

Samsung captivate glide

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In low light, it's a different story, though. Without enough light, the autofocus is basically useless; however, this can be fixed fairly well by turning on the flash.

Samsung captivate glide

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As long as you don't mind using the flash, low light photos can come out quite well.

Even without the flash, particularly with the Night scene mode enabled, visible photos are still possible, albeit with greatly reduced contrast and a considerable amount of noise.

But wait, there's more

The Captivate Glide also features a 1.3MP front facing-camera, which is considerably better than the 0.3MP cameras you'd find in mid-end models.

It looks a bit better for video chatting and self portraits, but it's still just a 1.3MP camera.