For those interested in the Captivate Glide, its messaging features should be very important – why else would you want a phone with a physical keyboard, right?

You get a 4-row QWERTY keyboard which is fairly spacious and includes the Home, Menu, Back, and Search keys along the sides.

Typing with large fingers is difficult at first, but quickly becomes much more fluid and accurate. The keys sit flush with the rest of the phone which may be a deterrent to touch typists.

Samsung captivate glide

Symbols and numbers are available via the ALT key which can be pressed once for a single number/symbol or pressed twice or held down as a num/sym lock. The Shift key works in the same manner.

Our biggest gripe with the keyboard would be the placement of the Return key next to the Back key, easily allowing for confusion and a ill-fated texts.

The top row of keys can also be difficult to press since the edge of the screen can sometimes get in the way of flying thumbs.

Samsung captivate glide

The Captivate Glide also comes with a few virtual keyboards (configurable by long pressing on a text field and selecting "Input Method").

The Android and Samsung keyboards are nearly identical, featuring equal levels of prediction and correction.

The Swype keyboard allows you to type by sliding your finger over the letters, lifting only between words. With a bit of practice, Swype can be an extremely fast input method.

All of these keyboards feature a Voice-to-Text button as well, and it can be quite accurate – so long as you're in a relatively quiet environment.

Samsung captivate glide

As far as sending messages is concerned, you have the choice of the Messaging app, or the two included E-mail apps: Email and Gmail.

The Messaging app has a fairly plain but effective interface. It features a list of conversations with individual contacts or groups.

Each conversation stores up to 200 SMS messages and 20 MMS messages by default but both can be increased up to 5000.

One interesting feature the Messaging app has is the ability to send messages directly to an E-mail address.

Samsung captivate glide

Gmail, on the other hand, is a much better way to send E-mails. The Gmail app is like you'd find on any other Android device, allowing you to sync multiple Gmail accounts, attach and download files and search.

The search feature not only searches for contact names and subject lines, but also the entire message. The only major shortcoming is that it only syncs with Gmail accounts.

Samsung captivate glide

Samsung's Email app will allow you to sync just about any E-mail address you like. It supports MS Exchange, POP3, and IMAP accounts to name a few, and setup is usually as simple as inputting your E-mail and password for most major services.

It has nearly every feature found in Gmail, including a search function, but can only search contact names and subject lines.

Samsung captivate glide

The Captivate Glide also comes with Facebook, Twitter, and Google Talk preinstalled; however, the most useful social app the Glide comes with is Samsung's Social Hub.

It allows you to take things like status updates from Twitter and Facebook, E-mails and text messages, and even instant messages from services like AIM and MSN and group them together into a single app.