From a UI standpoint, the phone and contact apps are fairly basic.

In fact, this is one of the rare cases in which the stock Android (Ice Cream Sandwich) version could be considered better.

The TouchWiz UI does offer one potentially big leg up on the stock Android approach: Social Networking Integration.

Samsung captivate glide

As of Android version 2.3.4 (the Captivate Glide is on 2.3.6), Google removed the ability to sync social networking contacts, such as those on Facebook and Twitter, with your Google account; however, TouchWiz has kept this function intact.

You can merge these contacts with your Google account which makes it simple to keep contact information and photos up to date.

In addition to syncing your contacts with Google in the cloud, you can also import and export contacts with your SIM or SD card.

Samsung captivate glide

Compared to previous versions, things in TouchWiz have been dialed back a bit. There is no longer a Feeds and Updates widget or Activities tab in the Contacts app.

Instead, there is an app called Social Hub which functions similarly to the Feeds and Updates widget but also allows you to add accounts for e-mail and messaging.

Samsung captivate glide

The dialer (which is part of the Contacts app under the Keypad tab) has a very plain look, but it's actually quite clever.

As you dial a number, it will list contacts whose names or number mach the keys you've pressed. Often times, it's faster to find a contact with the dialer than it is with the Contacts tab.

Samsung captivate glide

A press of the Menu button while in the dialer brings up a few more options. You can create speed dialing shortcuts, add pauses or waits, and jump to compose a text message.

The dialer is also able to look up the location (city and state) of unknown numbers during a call. We felt this was a handy little feature.

Making and receiving calls is everything you'd expect it to be. In call volume is adequate and clear on both ends, even in areas with poor signal strength. We had a couple dropped calls due to poor network coverage, but that fault lies with the carrier, not the phone.