LG Enlighten VS700 review

Curious what kind of smartphone you can get for no money down these days? The LG Enlighten is the poster child for low budgets.

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LG Enlighten

There's one thing we'll say for the LG Enlighten – it's refreshingly sparse when it comes to carrier bloatware. What does come preinstalled unfortunately can't be removed (a common curse of even the best carrier in the US), but chances are you won't want to anyway.

In addition to the aforementioned Mobile Hotspot app, Verizon includes some standard-issue apps: Backup Assistant, Setup Wizard (found in the Tools category) as well as My Verizon Mobile for checking your account status.

Setup Wizard and Guided Tours are the only others you may wish to purge, since they won't be very useful once you get familiar with your Enlighten.

LG Enlighten Calendar

LG and Verizon also include Polaris Viewer, a file manager of questionable use, since it literally only shows the file structure on your device, but doesn't allow you to actually do anything with it.

Otherwise, standard apps for Clock, Calculator, Calendar, Voice Recorder and Settings round out the traditional Android 2.3 Gingerbread package.

LG Enlighten

Verizon didn't bother to include any kind of branded navigation app, although Google's always trusty Navigation (which ties into the company's Google Maps) comes preinstalled.

Assuming you're traveling in areas where there's at least some kind of Verizon data coverage (and that's most of the United States these days), Navigation is about as good as it gets – assuming your vision is good enough to squint at the Enlighten's tiny screen, that is.