LG Enlighten VS700 review

Curious what kind of smartphone you can get for no money down these days? The LG Enlighten is the poster child for low budgets.

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LG Enlighten Battery

The LG Enlighten packs a modest 1540mAh battery inside its chubby frame, but considering the smaller display, battery life was quite acceptable. LG and Verizon tout 360 minutes of talk time and 810 minutes of standby time, which sounds like a lot until you do the man (six and 13.5 hours, respectively).

LG Enlighten

In our experience, those estimates are a tad conservative, however. We pushed the battery fairly hard with talk, messaging and internet browsing over the course of the day and still had plenty of juice the next day, even after leaving the device on standby as we slept.

LG Enlighten

Surprisingly, the Enlighten comes preinstalled with Verizon Mobile Hotspot, capable of sharing the carrier's poky 3G data with up to five other devices over Wi-Fi.

We had no trouble using it, although frankly we can't image ponying up the extra dough each month for the privilege, considering how slow it is.

Neither LG or Verizon detail what kind of Wi-Fi the LG Enlighten is using, but considering the budget nature of this handset, it's presumably 802.11b/g only. We had no issues connecting to our network, which utilizes not one but two AirPort Extreme Base Stations in tandem.

LG Enlighten

The LG Enlighten also includes Bluetooth 3.0 as well as the stock Android Voice Dialer and Voice Search apps, all of which worked as expected in our tests.