LG Enlighten VS700 review

Curious what kind of smartphone you can get for no money down these days? The LG Enlighten is the poster child for low budgets.

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LG Enlighten lock screen

We're not exactly jumping for joy over the LG Enlighten's Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread software, but considering the price, we expected no less. There doesn't appear to be any current sign the Enlighten will be receiving Android 4.0, but LG has done a few interesting things here to make the best of what they do have.

Sliding up on the lock screen brings us to the Enlighten's home screen, featuring time and date at top and icons for Voicemail, Email, Market and Browser.

At the bottom sits a "Quick Keys" dock with icons pinned for Phone, Contacts, Messages and Apps, but these can be swapped with any available app by simply dragging a new one over the one you'd like to replace.

LG Enlighten Notifications

Swiping down from the familiar status bar at top displays notifications, with a row of icons for quickly toggling mute, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS or airplane mode on or off.

Upon first launch, the Music Player app will also offer to install a row of playback controls here, should you want them.

Actual notifications appear on the remainder of the screen, which can be easily dismissed with a tap of the Clear button.

LG Enlighten Categories

Tapping the Apps button reveals six collapsed categories: Communications, News & Search, Media, Tools, Applications and Downloads.

Users can add, delete, rename or reorder these categories with the Manage Category button, and each one displays the number of items that can be found within.

To access categories, use two fingers and pinch out – the list then fans out accordion style to reveal icons for the apps you have installed.

It's kind of a neat alternative to folders used in Android 4.0 and definitely beats swiping through pages of apps, especially when categories can be organized to your liking.

LG Enlighten Home Screen

Holding down the Home key displays icons for recently used apps, while the dedicated Search key is a great shortcut for jumping straight into the browser in search of knowledge.

Swiping left or right on the home screen displays up to six additional pages, which can be used for storing apps or widgets; three of these are blank by default.

The LG Enlighten boasts a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, but it's only clocked at 800MHz, so it's not exactly a speed demon. However, swiping through a lengthy contacts list was quite fluid and we rarely experienced hiccups in our time with the device.