Spotify for iPhone review

It won't kill iTunes, but Spotify's iPhone app is ace

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Taking things back online, let's search for a track. Wi-Fi off, though, so we could see it working over a typically poor O2 data connection. Songs were pretty slow to load over Edge, and we had to give them time to load as they lurched and paused quite badly.

However, when on 3G, there was no problem and very little inter-track latency. Sound quality is also excellent.

Spotify on iphone

The Search is self-explanatory, while you can flick through the Tracks, Albums and Artists tabs when you have typed in your search term. Once you've found your album or track, you can add it to a playlist, shuffle it or play.

Spotify on iphone

Spotify on iphone

Here's the artist search tab.

Spotify on iphone

As with the desktop app, navigating around can be a little tricky if you want to browse through albums. This was a little frustrating for us, but probably not so much for others.

Here's the main play screen and, below it, the information screen, enabling you to browse the album (useful if you'd just searched for a specific track) and add it to your playlist.

Spotify on iphone

Spotify on iphone

Presumably this would be where any buy links would be – that must be a plan for Spotify, but since it has a deal with 7Digital, we're not sure how that would (or, most likely, wouldn't) work out with Apple.

Oh and by the way, unlike the desktop version of Spotify, the iPhone app doesn't sync details of your played tracks to



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