HTC Touch2 review

A good handset with a huge list of features. Don't expect it to be an iPhone-beater, though

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htc touch2 review

Naturally for a device that wants you to do most of your interaction via the touchscreen, there are only a few buttons.

Dial and hang-up buttons bookend the row of buttons below the screen. There's room for some confusion, though.


The back button is self-explanatory, but the hang-up button turns off the screen, while the Home button takes you back to TouchFLO's main page.


Then the Windows button brings up the list of Windows Mobile's applications. (We found ourselves constantly pushing the hang-up button, expecting it to dump us back at the home screen.)


Along the left-hand edge is a pair of volume buttons, as well as a gate hiding the MicroSD slot. This is something you'll almost definitely have to use, as the Touch2 only comes with a paltry 512MB of internal memory.


The body of the phone itself is rather workmanlike. The Touch2 stands 10.4cm high and 5.5cm wide, but the flat back means it never sits entirely comfortably in the hand. It's finished in dark grey plastic, which doesn't make it look exactly elegant.