htc tattoo

While the Android OS is flashy, oozing glitz, the HTC Tattoo's fascia is rather unassuming.

The phone has a matt-silver finish and feels rather chunky in the hand. It's compact, though, and it looks sleek – with HTC disposing of the trackball as seen on the Magic and Hero, and replacing it with a flat, circular four-way navigational button.

In all, there are seven buttons on the chassis, broken into five sections, with the aforementioned navi button being the most prominent.

htc tattoo

You would expect, then, that this would be the main button to 'wake' the phone from sleep. Anyone familiar with the Magic will know that's not how it works, however, when it comes to operating the HTC Tattoo.

htc tattoo

Instead, you click the much smaller menu button twice to get into the main interface. To close things up, simply press the power button on the bottom right.

If you're underwhelmed by the HTC Tattoo's demure body, then don't fret as the phone is all about individuality. HTC is releasing a number of funky cases with tattoo-like designs, so you can customise your handset.

htc tattoo

This is a good call on HTC's part, giving you the chance to choose what style you want the phone to be, rather than the company opting for a one-style-fits-all device.

Flip the phone over – both the back and the front is customisable – and the thing that sticks out is the 3.2MP lens for the phone's camera. Unlike the Hero which sported a small lens with a big five megapixel count, the lens on the HTC Tattoo sticks out like a sore thumb, surrounded by a chunky metallic border.

htc tattoo

The only other things of note on the chassis is a 3.5mm headphone jack (big thumbs up for HTC including this once more, considering the Magic came sans headphone socket), a micro USB connector and volume control on the left-hand side which is pretty much flush to the chassis.

htc tattoo

When it comes to what you get with the phone, there are precious few things in the box, except for a charger (whip the three-pin plug off and it becomes your phone's PC connection as well) and some headphones.


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