Funnily enough, messaging on the BlackBerry Bold 9780 is pretty comprehensive. This won't exactly comes as a shock to anyone, but it's worth remembering that all the improvements of BlackBerry 6 come on top of the famous messaging prowess the phones possess.

The Messaging app brings together your email and things like Facebook messages in one view. Select a message and you'll be taken into the relevant email account, or into the Facebook app, where you can interact with it more directly.

BlackBerry bold 9780

From the Messaging app, you can compose messages for just about any of the services on your device. Text, Twitter, IM and others are in the list, along with any of others indirectly thanks to the way it ties into the Social Feeds app.

You can set up several email accounts on the device, with services such as Gmail able to be set up with just your username and password – no fuss, no waiting.

Of course, you can't use the fancy Wi-Fi to do any of this – it's still strictly done over mobile internet only. As we said, we weren't exactly raving over the signal picked up by the Bold 9780, but if you've got a good 3G signal, setting up an email account is painless.

Emails are arranged in date order, and you can actually navigate by skipping forward and back whole days (as well as skipping to the bottom).

BlackBerry bold 9780

Enter into a message and you naturally do all the usual reply and forwarding things people like to do with emails. Handier features, such as the ability to search for terms within a message, are included, and you can copy and paste portions of emails.

It's a bit fiddly clicking and dragging using an optical trackpad, but nowhere near as bad as we were expecting.

More importantly, every part of the messaging process is fast and responsive. Even with music playing the background, the Bold 9780 had no problem handling its tasks.

Text messaging has its own separate app, though you could easily mistake it for the email inbox. With the same design and layout as the email inbox, and similar options to skip days when navigating, RIM is nothing if not consistent.

However, access one of the entries in this inbox and you get a threaded message view, detailing the conversation you've had with the contact in question.

BlackBerry bold 9780

Typing messages is nothing out of the ordinary, and you can attach everything from videos to appointments to a message.

BlackBerry Messenger is as good and specific as it ever was. As usual, you need only enter a PIN to connect to your friends.

Of course, the real meat of messaging on the Bold 9780 comes from the keyboard as much as anything. When we reviewed the Bold 9700, we were concerned that the Bold line had become a little cramped and hard to use.

Frankly, that hasn't changed. Call us fat-fingered if you like, but we had to use our nails to get any kind of consistent accuracy. When poking with our thumbs, most messages ended up with an awful lot of stray letters in them.

We preferred, for example, the Nokia C6's landscape keyboard simply because there was enough space to use it.

The thing is, the actual messaging software on the Bold 9780 is pretty much beyond reproach. Inevitably, our verdict is that it's right up there with the best, especially with the extra social integration.

But surely a less-than-ideal keyboard isn't what you want on the flagship BlackBerry phones? There's no doubt this is a messaging powerhouse, but we long for a larger QWERTY (no "That's what she said" jokes, please).