We liked

The sleek , comfortable and ergonomic design makes the Aura HD a pleasure to hold. It genuinely feels like you're holding a book and your hands won't tire after extended use.

The high resolution screen does away with that faded look some ereaders suffer from and smaller icons are clearly visible.

The impressive battery life takes away some of the charging worry and you'll be able to carry this around in your bag for weeks without plugging it in.

We disliked

The sluggishness of the screen is a big drawback and you'll find yourself constantly frustrated at the time it takes to do basic actions.

Cynically, the price of Kobo books are more expensive than they are on the Kindle. Consumers won't be saving money on the hardware either since the Aura HD is £30 ($50) more expensive then the Kindle Paperwhite which is £109 ($119).


If you're happy to buy into the idea that this is the ereader for more sophisticated book worm, then this is the device for you.

You'll be able to do some good peacocking on public transport because the device is visually very attractive. There's no doubt that it looks and feels like it's worth the high price-tag it commands. But if you scratch the surface, the picture isn't so rosy.

There's no escaping the fact that the screen is, at times, unacceptably slow – and you will, at some point, be enraged when using this device.

The book store, too, sells books at a higher price than the Kindle store and some customers will find it difficult to part with hard-earned money for a book, in full knowledge that they could buy the same product for a lot cheaper at another store.

And, at a price of £139.99 ($169.99), it might be worth looking elsewhere if you plan to make lots of purchases.