Apart from the power and backlight buttons, the Aura is entirely touch screen. It has a built in keyboard and you can swipe at leisure as if you're using your smartphone.

Much of the launch event for the Aura was about the quality of the screen, which measures in at 6.8 inches and has a resolution of 1440 x 1080, 265dpi – making it the highest resolution ereader on the market.

Kobo Aura HD review

When you boot it up you can see the quality right away, it's exceptionally crisp. Although it does feel as if some of the sharpness is lost because of e-ink black and white screen.

If this was a full colour multimedia tablet, you'd be able to see the depth of the screen quality but in black and white, it's hard to truly enjoy the impressive specifications. It makes you wonder if the "highest resolution ereader on the market" is an accolade that actually means anything.

Kobo Aura HD review

It is still very pretty to look at and smaller text doesn't look faded. The quality of the screen, however, is let down by its sluggishness on touch.

There will be times when you have to click a link a few times before it reacts and swiping up and down when scrolling through the bookstore is frustratingly delayed.

Kobo Aura HD review

Although when doing a less processor heavy task, like flicking through the pages of a book, there's next to no delay and it feels quite natural, which is the most important aspect of an ereader to get right.