Livedrive has a highly intuitive online interface. In itself, that's nothing special, but this space can also be accessed though Windows Explorer as the 'L:' drive.

Drag-and-drop uploading comes courtesy of Java, while online file editing using Zoho and FotoFlexer enables you to work on the go.

File versioning is a handy addition, meaning that errors can be reversed quickly. Finally, file caching is in place to not only help speed up access to online files, but also enable offline editing.

Livedrive has clearly been designed with business users in mind, but the pricing makes it accessible to a wider audience.

An annual fee of £39.95 buys you a Standard account with 100GB of storage and the option of installing the desktop management software on a single computer. A Pro account gives unlimited storage space and enables software installation on up to 10 PCs.

If you want a back-up solution or access to your files on the go, Livedrive comes highly recommended.