Macally is great at producing cheap, no-frills Mac peripherals that are pedestrian to look at but work well and can be relied on. This latest mouse is no exception. It's lightweight, has five programmable buttons including the scroll wheel, and tracks extremely well.

For some reason, Macally has thrown a phenomenally receptive tracking device into the mouse to pick up the laser signal. On the box is a claim that the mouse will track on highly reflective surfaces, even glass. We bettered that and even managed to track on a translucent plastic wrapper held above a table. That's stronger than any mouse we've tested recently, and it can do this from a low-powered keyboard USB port.

Unfortunately, this receiving strength means the mouse will still track if you hover it above a surface, which can take a bit of getting used to.

The Macally mouse driver comes in the box and lets you easily ascribe functions. Not at all bad for the money. James Ellerbeck