When we first saw pictures of the Ci70 Wireless Desktop Set on Kensington's US site, it looked like the perfect keyboard and mouse set for Mac users. In smart silver to match or complement any modern Mac, it was not only Mac-compatible, but it had a Mac-only [Eject] key and other quick-launch buttons.

When we got a review model in from Kensington in the UK, however, we were disappointed. Not only was it a different colour - one we could charitably call champagne; we're assured both colours are available here - but the box makes no mention of Mac compatibility.

And the Mac-only [Eject] key has been replaced with a calculator shortcut button that does nothing when pressed. Indeed, none of the quick-launch buttons - search, email, internet and music - do anything, and there's no software available to map these to Mac applications. In fact, the only dedicated buttons that work are the volume control ones.

Which is a shame, as this is a nice set. Okay, so the build quality is a little more plastic than you might guess from the pictures, but the keyboard, though a little cramped, mimics a laptop's low-travel action and is very pleasant to type on.

As a PC-specific product, some of the symbols appear to be in the wrong place - @ and " are transposed, for example - and, though you can remap them in the appropriate System Preferences pane, C and O's positions are swapped by default.

The mouse is responsive and closely mimics Apple's own range of mice, though the LED-based tracking system is a little more fussy about surfaces than a laser.

The mouse can be docked in the keyboard - which does nothing other than switching it off - and a single USB dongle that slots into the mouse connects the system to your Mac.

There is one last party piece: on the underside of the keyboard, which can be propped on its edge, is a frame that can hold a 6x4-inch photo.