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In this age of highly integrated CPUs, it's becoming ever harder for motherboards to carve out a performance advantage. Quite simply, more and more motherboard features are migrating onto the CPU itself.

Kudos, then, to Gigabyte's new X58A-UD9 for managing to somewhat justify its existence with a clean sweep of our benchmarks.

Comparison comes in the form of Gigabyte's own GA-EX58-UD4P. It's a somewhat more mainstream board, but it's certainly no slouch. Anyway, any board based on the Intel X58 chipset deserves to be considered high-end and it's reassuring to see the new mega-bucks UD9 keeping its nose in front.

3D rendering performance

Gigabyte x58a ud9 benchmarks

Video encoding performance

Gigabyte x58a ud9 benchmarks

Memory bandwidth

Gigabyte x58a ud9 benchmarks

3D gaming performance

Gigabyte x58a ud9 benchmarks



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