ECS P67H2-A Black Extreme review

Premium price, premium performance?

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This early version of the BIOS, although reporting a 100MHz base clock, was according to CPU-Z running at just under that at 99.8MHz, meant the processor was running at 3.39GHz instead of the 3.4GHz.

The same happened when it was over clocked to 4.2GHz – it ended up running at 4.19, which all sounds insignificant but is the reason by the board falls slightly behind the Asus P8P67-M Pro when it comes to the rendering benchmarks.

CPU Rendering performance

Cinebench R11.5 – Index: higher is better
Asus P8P67M-Pro: 6.71
Foxconn P67A-S: 6.69
ECS P67H2-A: 6.53

Cinebench R10 – Seconds: quicker is better
Asus P8P67M-Pro - 37
Foxconn P67A-S – 39
ECS P67H2-A - 39

x264v2 – FPS: higher is better
Asus P8P67M-Pro: 35.15
Foxconn P67A-S: 32.71
ECS P67H2-A: 33.21

x264v3 – FPS: higher is better
Asus P8P67M-Pro: 35.70
Foxconn P67A-S: 36.76
ECS P67H2-A: 32.71

1080p gaming performance

Just Cause 2 – FPS: higher is better
Asus P8P67M-Pro: 46
Foxconn P67A-S: 46
ECS P67H2-A: 45