Zotac geforce gtx 560 ti amp

The first two benchmarks demonstrate the DirectX 11 weaknesses of the mid-range Fermi GPUs. Despite the 'DX11 done right' moniker it's still lagging behind the twin tessellation engines of the Cayman GPU-powered Radeon cards.

That said, in legacy titles this massively overclocked Zotac GTX 560 Ti AMP! is significantly quicker than its AMD competition.

The benchmarks also show just how far ahead of the stock GTX 560 Ti this factory overclocked card is. That said when we pushed the reference board to its 935MHz limit we were hitting almost the same figures as the AMP!

DirectX 11 tessellation performance

Zotac geforce gtx 560 ti amp benchmarks

DirectX 11 gaming performance

Zotac geforce gtx 560 ti amp benchmarks

Zotac geforce gtx 560 ti amp benchmarks

We've tested at the highest resolution available to stress the cards to their fullest. The test bench is a Core i7 930 @ 2.8GHz, on an Asus P6X58D-E with 6GB 1,333Mhz DDR3.


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